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hopeless banget ini~ semua yang di suka di mimpiin ga dapet semua~

mau nangis rasanya~

Your limousines get stuck in traffic
And we all know you’re made of plastic
You may seem like something classic
But Your cheap sunglasses
Your cheap sunglasses
And i see right through you

Down the street from small old town 

Down the dusty road of broken dreams

Wasted love, why do I always give so much?

Wasted love, you know I gave you all my heart

Wasted love, can’t help but always give too much

But it’s never enough

let’s go to goddes island :D YEAYY !!

things that can make smile and forget trouble for while~

i choose forward, and forget what have been through left behind. thank you. Good Luck My Way.

need more horcrux for this heart i think

In many ways, they’ll miss the good old days when we was young…… somedaaaaay, somedaaay~

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